How do you rank on Google?

King of the SERP Mountain

We all know how important it is to show up at the top of the list in Google. The trick is figuring out how to get there. Where do you rank? Basic Google Keyword research is much simpler than many people think – you only need to set aside 15 minutes for this month’s tip and let us know how you stack up.

1. Make a list of at least 5 of the most common keywords visitors might use to find you. If you are using Google Analytics to track your website activity, you can look these up under “Keywords.” If you are not using Analytics yet, you can make and educated guess (for example, if you are a bicycle shop in Denver, you might use “bicycle shop denver,” “denver biking,” “denver bicycle repair,” etc.). You should probably include the name of your business in your list (e.g. “Rocky Mountain Bicycles”).

2. Perform a Google search of each term, one-at-a-time. Look for your website in the search engine results page (referred to as a SERP). When you find your site, make a note of the date and position in your list. Note: Unless you’ve changed your settings, each SERP contains 10 entries, so if your site shows up on the 5th page in 2nd place, the position is 42. Now you know your rank, but don’t stop there…

3. Try to check and record your ranks at least every month. This will give you a feel of what is happening with your website and your competition.

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