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Website 101 – Part II – Domain Names, URLs, DNS… What are They, and How Do They Work?

The web is overrun with acronyms. This article will help you make short work of the Internet’s alphabet soup of terms describing how people connect with websites. We will defined domain names, domain registration, URL, DNS, and more.

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Website 101 – Part I – The Primary Pieces of the Internet Pie: Website Hosting and More

Many people are intimidated by the technology of the web – and especially the terminology that comes with it. This article talks about the basic concepts and terms related to websites and the technology behind them. The language may sound like “geek-speak,” but the concepts are pretty simple to grasp.

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The Number 1 Reason Why You Need a Website

There are a near infinite number of articles, books and commentaries about how to market and sell your products and services. There are almost as many different opinions about these business topics. One thing they unanimously agree on is that every business needs a website.

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