The Number 1 Reason Why You Need a Website

There are a near infinite number of articles, books and commentaries about how to market and sell your products and services. There are almost as many different opinions about these business topics. One thing they unanimously agree on is that every business needs a website.

Why I need a website for my business

It is good to know that you need a website, but I have a problem with people telling me what to do – unless there is good reason. As a child, I drove my parents crazy with their every request resulting in my asking, “Why?”

In that spirit, I want to share with you the biggest reason for building a website for your business…

A website reaches people with your business’s information readily and easily.

Your website is like a ocean freighter, carrying your message day and night all over the world. Unlike a freighter, your company information can be delivered to multiple locations instantly.

According to Worldometers Real Time World Statistics, there are over 2 trillion Internet users in the world today. In the United States alone, there are over a quarter of a billion adults active online (As of October, 2010 - US Census Information & Communications: Internet Publishing and Broadcasting and Internet Usage). Along with sending and reading email and participating in social media, these users researched products and services online, performed online banking, bill paying, and product purchases.

Many of these active users look to the web first when deciding which businesses to patronize. I would argue that a business without a website will draw about as many customers as a business without a sign.

One of the biggest hurdles to adding a website is cost. Fortunately, just as the number of web users and technology has increased, the cost of setting up and running a website has decreased.

With the tremendous number of potential visitors and immediate access of information, combined with the extremely low cost, every business needs a website.